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Contact us for a risk free estimate to determine your relocation needs and receive a written estimate. This ensures you’ll receive the most accurate pricing, so you can plan accordingly.

Pack & Load

The packing team will arrive the day of or one to two days prior to the actual move date and will use the industry’s best packing materials to protect your belongings.


Someone will need to be at the residence at the start of the day to conduct the walk-through with the crew, and at the end of the day to sign the finalized paperwork and release the goods.

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Rafael Rubio
Rafael Rubio
Thanks everyone! Marlon and his helper Jackson - Rafael-Juan many many thanks you -Just like that... One day for Packing and one day for Loading, amazing and very nice People. Always working like go go go all the time to get it done. Many years of experience you can see that right away I will definitely use them and recommend them 100%" Marlon moving They were on time, And took care of all the stuff very carefully. And made sure everything went smooth. I was so happy to use their services. Job well done.
Jose Flores
Jose Flores
Marlon and his helper jose and Jackson were really great with helping my family move. Communicated professionally and gave me real expectations. Never stopped working and did it with a great attitude.
Casey Martin
Casey Martin
Marlon Movers provided the best moving experience I’ve ever had, and I have moved many times. The owner of the company was incredibly responsive when coordinating our local move. He brought a great team right on schedule with him the day of our move and everyone was kind and professional. They worked harder and quicker than any moving service I have ever worked with, and treated all of our belongings with meticulous care. I am not a review writer, but thought it was important to share my great experience!
We used Marlon Moving Services for a local move. Marlon and his crew is very professional, friendly and very accommodating. I highly recommend them and would hire them again.
azraf ullah
azraf ullah
Marlon Moving Services has saved us in a pinch, we were planning to move cross country using the PODS service but the container would not fit in our driveway. I called marlon and he was able to squeeze me in his busy schedule and took care of everything by bringing his truck and grabbing everything from our house to the container in another location. Would recommend him and his team anytime!! Super friendly and professional and looking to hire them again!
Diana Rodriguez
Diana Rodriguez
What an absolutely stress-free experience! They were on time, profesional and super careful with my stuff. Would recommend them over and over to everyone I know. Happy customer 🙂
Aravind G
Aravind G
Hello all. I have recently used their services because they got referred quite a lot word of mouth. I just wanted to be safe as I had bad experiences with moving in my past and by the end the movers I had used, used to get grumpy and tired and some even left work partially unfinished too. So I was really worried about what would happen this time and I was relocating with 2 young kids and was in no mood for even slight surprises. Having used them, let me tell you all this. I am at loss of words to describe all the amazing things about them. Punctual, Perfect communication, Working swiftly and carefully at the same time. Very friendly. Extremely Polite. Going above and beyond to make you comfortable and you don’t have to lift a finger. Very very reasonable price wise. Fully transparent about the itemized line item charges. Ignoring everything I have mentioned above It’s like therapy watching them work. Marlon, along with Jason and the rest of the crew were amazing. They had the same smile on their faces at the beginning till the end. Not tipping them even more is my only regret. Book them in advance for your next move. Good luck on your move !!! DISCLAIMER : This is NOT a paid review neither a forced review. I have no monetary interest of any kind associated with this business. This is solely written to help people get access to a quality moving service if they are looking.

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